Have courage and be kind, Me

2018 Goals: An Introduction

Once again, happy 2018 everyone! In this post, I want to go into detail about what my goals mean for me personally. I want to let you know what success looks like for each goal, and the reasoning behind the goal. First though, I want to stress that these are personal goals and aspirations, and… Continue reading 2018 Goals: An Introduction

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Weekend in Photos: January 12-14

Happy Monday all! In keeping with tradition, I am posting a weekend in photos for the past few days. It was another busy weekend, full of socializing that I typically veer away from. But it was a nice change of pace, and I have some fun memories to look back on during the week! Friday… Continue reading Weekend in Photos: January 12-14

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Weekend in Photos: January 5-7

Happy Monday everyone, and I hope 2018 is treating you well! I'm revisiting my Weekend in Photos tradition I started last month once again. I love having this space to reflect on the parts of my weekend that stand out. It brings more meaning to having time off and reminds me I don't spend all… Continue reading Weekend in Photos: January 5-7

Have courage and be kind, Me

Have courage and be kind

Images  by Disney ©  2015. \ As a goal-getter, I usually obsess over the possibilities a new year brings. In years past I’ve filled journals and notebooks with goals, resolutions, and ways I can reinvent myself in the new year. But this year, I was so busy with work and Christmas that I had no… Continue reading Have courage and be kind

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Converting .CR2 to .JPEG/.JPG

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!! Today's post is about a very specific problem I ran into when trying to upload this year's Christmas photos, and I didn't find much help online. Rachel and I own a Canon Rebel T5 and are now the unofficial photographers of all family gatherings for all sides of… Continue reading Converting .CR2 to .JPEG/.JPG

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Weekend in Photos: December 15-18

Happy Monday everyone! Or, if you're like me and Monday isn't a happy occasion - it's almost Tuesday! First of all, a very cold welcome to winter in Southwestern Ontario! These photos taken over the last week show how much snow we got over just a few days. I'd guess it came to just over… Continue reading Weekend in Photos: December 15-18

Weekend in Photos

Weekend in Photos: December 8-10

This weekend was long anticipated after a week of work, and it was the resurgence of some Christmas hygge feelings. Friday Friday is one of the standard days I work out, so we started at the gym after work finished for the week. Rachel and I were starving after our workout. We had a dinner… Continue reading Weekend in Photos: December 8-10